Commercial Snow Removal Services

Your reputation is on the line.

Managing a prime urban location or sensitive Class ‘A’ corporate site can be stressful enough without having to worry if your snow contractor will show up on time to plow or de-ice, if your site will be safe and open for business, or if you will encounter a slip and fall claim.  

When selecting a snow contractor for a long term solution, we understand  that with the choice you make – Your reputation; maybe even your job or business is on the line.  

At North Coast, we appreciate this, and work with you as a partner to cultivate a relationship that benefits you, the client!

Welcome to The North Coast Environmental Group. 

Give us the opportunity, and we will show you the difference…

At a Moments Notice

We understand that people don’t live and breathe snow removal year round like we do.  It’s alright – We’ve got you covered!  When winter weather is threatening, the North Coast 24/7 command center is ready to take on mother nature and provide services to you at a moments notice.  Our pre-storm readiness is unparalleled,  and from the first snowflake to the last ice check, you can be certain we’re on it.  Also, we appreciate our mid season ‘crisis calls’ – a failed contractor or you simply have not gotten around to securing that snow removal contract.  We are here every step of the way to protect your assets, because your reputation is on the line. 

Hitting the Mark

We hit the mark – the first time – every time.  We believe in doing the job right because not only is your reputation on the line, but you have customers, clients, and tenants that demand unparalleled service and cannot wait for a call back.  With North Coast, you can be rest assured that we will be diligent in our snow removal services to you, and that we will hit the expectation mark – time and time again.

Hire a Pro

You wouldn’t hire a cardiologist to work with your teeth, so why would you hire someone who performs snow removal as an ‘off-season’ service, to ‘stay busy’, or identifies as a ‘Jack of all Trades and Master of None’?  Who we aren’t – Window cleaners, concrete layers, brick pointers, roofers, carpenters, or general labor.  Who we areAn urban snow removal first company.  We are experts in our field – Urban Snow Removal – and we ‘live, breathe, and think snow’ year round.  Trust the professions to handle your winter risks and get back to what you do best – running your business!

Simplified Budgets

We create different layers of pricing options to help you forecast your payables.  No hassle, no hidden items. From seasonal contracts to per-event pricing, we can tailor contracts to meet your needs year after year.  No more stress in presenting how you went over budget again because of the unpredictability of winter.

Professional Risk Managers

Eliminate your liability and risk by executing seamless zero-tolerance snow removal services.  We keep you safe, and open for business, 24/7.

Snow Tech

We utilize the latest in technology to increase efficiencies and help provide zero tolerance services to you.  We use real time GPS reporting through our smart phones and tablets, so we know exactly where our crews are at, and what services they are performing.  Our own privately sourced meteorology team provides up to the minute forecasts specifically for our locations, and real time updates as the storm changes within a quarter mile accuracy.  We even provide certified post storm reports to take the guesswork out of invoicing.

Our Specilization

Our Basic Deliverables

Welcome to North Coast’s Winter Services.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver seamless Snow and Ice Management services to greater Philadelphia time and time again and specialize in the following services:


Difficult to manage urban locations

Small locations that require zero-tolerance conditions

Specialized sidewalk removal services

Snow blower sidewalk

Complete Snow and Ice Management

Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services

Stacking and Relocation Services

Sidewalk Removal and Snow Shoveling Services

moving blizzard snow
Salt spreader at post office

De-Icing and Salting Applications

Anti-Icing and Brine

Calcium Chloride Applications

Environmentally Safe Solutions for Landscapes

sidewalk ice clear

Commercial BID and RFP Center

A few clicks, a little information, and within 24 hours you have a bid on your desk to present and make a decision on.  Just the first step in our easy, seamless customer service.


What our Partners are Saying
When we called, it was in the middle of a huge storm, and we had just purchased the house, and snow plowing our driveway was the last thing on our mind.  We didn't even own a snow shovel! With my wife expecting, this became an emergency situation as our driveway is long and on a hill.  We called several contractors and they either didn't answer or could not come out for a day.  The owner Dale personally took into consideration the situation, had a price to us within 5 minutes, and promised to have a truck come and dig us out within 6 hours.  He personally arrived at our house within 2 hours and had us clear! North Coast proved themselves the first time, and we hired them for the rest of the season.  Every visit was perfect.  It saved my back, they came within a reasonable time, and were always friendly. We recommended them to our neighbors and my colleagues at the hospital, and are happy to write this review.    Andy and Sarah
Andrew L.Neurologist
I run a small Co-op in Philly and although we only needed service on large snowfalls, no other contractor was willing to work with our needs.  North Coast accommodated our wishes and they showed up only when we needed them.  Thanks Guys! #ThumbsUp Like!
Alexa R.Small Business Owner
We called North Coast for snow shoveling and salting because we manage a high traffic storefront in Rittenhouse, and our other snow contractors failed to meet our needs time and time again.  From the first visit on, services were on point, and as promised.  Our entrance was always clear, and even during the few heavy storms I was able to stay home knowing that my location was safe, and they communicated with me the entire time from start to finish, even with picture updates.  I am typically a knit-picky person, but while working with North Coast, my mind was at ease.  I highly recommend them for snow services at any location that is hard to find good help or requires special needs. -- LP
Linda P.Sr. Property Manager
My back feels better already! What used to take me all day to shovel, they had cleared in 5 minutes with a special Jeep for sidewalks.  They even put salt down as a courtesy. Well worth the money.
FR. JohnPriest

Products and Services

  • Seasonal Snow Contracts
  • Per-Event Snow Contracts
  • Time and Material Pricing
  • One Time “dig out’ options
  • De-Icing Applications
  • Brine and Anti-Icing Preventative Measures
  • Shoveling Rates
  • Stacking and Relocation services
  • Off-site Hauling Pricing

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Who we partner with…

  • Leading property management companies in Center City
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Prime Urban Storefronts
  • HOA and Multi-Family complexes in Center City and Suburbs
  • Municipal and Government facilities
  • National Facility Companies
  • National Retail Chains and Big Box Stores
  • Hard to Service Urban Locations
  • … Possibly You?

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